Hello there!

I am a 3rd year student at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, pursuing my BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I’ve been quite passionate about computers, electronics and in general technology since my childhood days. I really like building ‘things’ and also breaking them apart. I once came across a dusty, downtrodden piece of tutorial on the internet (of course, where else you thought!) and built my first game when I was 13.

The school curriculum introduced me to QBASIC (yeah, that game was in QBASIC), Visual Basic and Java and I taught myself C++, HTML/CSS and JS. In college, I’ve explored quite a few domains of software development, harbouring a keen interest in cloud computing, networking and recently distributed computing. I’ve also been involved in information security as well with a particular interest in web and network security.

On campus, I am a part of a group, SDSLabs, whose members are constantly developing awesome softwares and fostering technical activities and innovation on the campus. I am also a part of InfosecIITR, a group of individuals who participate in CTFs (read cybersecurity competitions) and propagate cybersecurity knowledge in general.

So apart from software development and websec, the other thing I am really passionate about is music, especially guitars. I like experimenting with them and composing mini riffs and pieces. I am a basketball and snooker fan (and I do play too, at least the latter) and have quite been into room escape puzzles.

Check out my blog posts and my resume.